Roundtable discussion on Libyan ports held at Tripoli Chamber of Commerce

Roundtable discussion on Libyan ports held at Tripoli Chamber of Commerce

A roundtable discussion was held at the headquarters of the Tripoli Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the capital on Monday entitled ‘‘Potential cooperation and integration of Libyan seaports: A framework, impacts and challenges’’.

The event, led by field specialist Hesham Ghashat, discussed how in recent years there has been an evolution in the mechanism of maritime ports and the acquisition of the concept of cooperation and integration as an effective alternative to managing competitiveness.

Cooperation between seaports or between seaports and dry ports in order to increase performance rates and achieve optimum economic operation was also debated. The integration process centred on the port, the auxiliary marine media and port operators to enhance the efficiency and performance of the supply chain to ensure efficient and economical transport of goods was also reviewed

The possibility of taking advantage of these concepts and to determine the form and patterns of integration and cooperation projects domestically within Libya and externally in order to enhance the position of the Libyan seaports in domestic and international trade was also explored.

A discussion about potential, opportunities, potential impacts, and latent barriers that can be encountered by projects that may be proposed as solutions also took place, organizers reported to Libya Herald

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